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I almost punched him in the face

December 10, 2012

Last week I sat in my endocrinologist office and listened to the words, “this is your new normal”.  I am not OK with his words.  I went for a visit with “Dr. Mac” to assess the functioning of my thyroid and if it is impacting my weight loss and the source of various other symptoms I  currently have.

In November of 2009, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  This is an autoimmune disease that results in hypothyroidism.  I had recently gotten married and had turned into the biggest witch this side of the Mississippi!  My poor husband.  He didn’t know this was part of the package when we said “I do” just months earlier.  But, neither did I.  I had become an emotional wreck, was constantly exhausted, and gained 15 pounds despite training for my 4th marathon.  The previous year I had gained 10 pounds while training for IronMan.  However, after getting the diagnoses and starting medication, I started feeling normal again.  The problem:  how to get off those extra pounds.

I got pregnant soon after being diagnosed and therefore the idea of an immediate diet was out of the question.  I had our first baby in Oct 2010.  Four months post giving birth, I started suffering from what I thought was postpartum depression, aka, “I feel crazy and can’t stop crying!”.  After my doctor did some blood work and ran some other diagnostic testing, he confirmed I also have antibodies for Grave’s disease, another autoimmune thyroid disease.  This one causes the thyroid to swing into hyper mode, the complete opposite of Hashimoto.  SERIOUSLY???  I guess in the big scheme of things I am lucky that this is the type of autoimmune disease that I have.  It is manageable with medication and it won’t kill me.  It does however make loosing weight extremely hard.  I had baby number two 3 months ago and lost my “baby weight” within 3 weeks.  But here we are three months later and I still can’t budge another pound!  Many people gain the “freshman 15” when they go off to college.  I gained the “thyroid 15”.  I just can’t seem to make it go away.  This is what landed me in Dr. Mac’s office last week.  I was sure that my thyroid was out of whack and just needed some meds and then I could melt the pounds away.  Instead I hear the words “this is your new normal.  Your thyroid is fine for now.  Be consistent with your exercise and diet and hopefully you will find yourself loosing a few pounds.”  I almost punched him in the face.   This is not my new normal and I will not settle for this.  My thyroid will not win.  This is my journey about getting this pesky thyroid weight off and how I will win.

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