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running pushing a wheelchair

December 12, 2012
What’s the plan to loose this weight?  That’s the question I ask everyday!  I am so motivated…until I see that bottle of wine I want to open or the chocolate candy I want to eat.  It’s so hard to stay motivated 24/7 but once I fall, I fall off the wagon, roll underneath it, and pray that it ran over some fried cheese sticks that I can peel off the ground and eat.  Yep, it’s hard to stay motivated ALL THE TIME!  So, I joined this weight loss plan to try to make myself accountable and to really pay attention to what I was consuming.  I did it once before (after baby 1) and had lost 15# of baby weight.  I have faith in this plan IF I FOLLOW IT 100%.  This is the hard part.  The plan uses a point system to account for the calories consumed and for the exercise performed.  I get 26 points a day but if I do some exercise, I get a few extra points and can maybe afford to drink that glass of wine.  It’s a good thing I like exercise!  I would hate to see what kind of crazy lady I would be if I had to give up vino again (9 months of pregnancy x 2 was long enough people!).  Could you imagine the kind of day a stay at mom has—constantly cleaning poopy behinds, wiping spit up off my shirt and floor, listening to “hold me mommy” about 1500 x a day, and stepping on toys and trying not to break a foot.  I need a little glass of wine at the end of my day to reward myself!  However, until I reach my goal weight, I will not allow myself to have a little glass of pleasure unless I go out for a run that day.  Good thing I like running…or jogging.  Let’s be honest, I’m pushing two kids in a stroller (one still uses the car seat attached to the stroller) that equals 82 pounds.  Occasionally the speed walker may pass us while I’m “jogging”.  But hey, I’m busting my glutes trying to just keep myself from vomiting at the top of the hills.  Today, I decided I would conquer this HUGE hill next to our house.  I may have been a little crazy and desiring some extra self-enduced misery to account for all the free samples I ate at Costco earlier in the day.  But, we did it!  With kid #1 cheering me up this hill singing mary had a little lamb, I felt like I could totally make it, at least half way.  We finally got to the top and when she gave me a high five as I bent over pretending I was checking on her (I was actually just looking for an excuse to bend over and catch my breath without looking like I was going to dry heave), I felt pretty awesome.  82# carriage and I had made it!  When I got home, I decided to calculate my exercise points earned and looked up our activity in the on-line data base.  Running, running up stairs, running while pushing a wheelchair…..yep, these are the choices I’m given to pick my activity from.  WHO RUNS WHILE PUSHING A WHEELCHAIR???  What the heck?  The CNA at the assisted living home?  The physical therapist at the rehab unit having a contest with his fellow employee?  WHO does this???  Running while pushing a stroller was not an option. Maybe next time I’ll trade the kids in for Granny.  

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