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Eye of the tiger

April 8, 2013


I have been gone from home for 6 days now. When I asked my hubby how it is going, he responded, “it’s hell”.

The day after I left, our two year old got the stomach bug and threw up for two straight days. In between up-chucking, she whined and/or cried constantly. Although this breaks my heart, it’s good for daddy to experience true parenting, good and bad. He even slept on the floor next to her on the couch all night because he was “too scared to move her in case she woke up and started whining again”.

I also put the baby in cloth diapers the day before I left. To my surprise, Daddy has kept it up. Baby is super sensitive to EVERYTHING and the cloth diaper is keeping her from have g a rash. Any suggestions on good brands of cloth to try?

So, Daddy is working hard at home and Mommy is off “working” on the East Coast. I was able to still get a small workout in while gone… The Rocky Steps were just too enticing to not run and feel like a true champ!

Hope you had a good weekend and remember to try to squeeze that little bit of exercise time in this week! I’ll let you know if everyone is still alive when I get home.

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