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Slow cooker sausage

April 13, 2013

I have decided that you can cook anything and everything in the slow cooker.  This year, with the added kiddo to the family, I am always trying to find a way to make dinner and make it easy.  I love making freezer meals and using the slow cooker.  These are my two secret weapons for getting dinner done on the fly.  Freezer meals are easy, when I make one recipe, I double it and cook one for dinner and another for the freezer.  Easy.  But that’s another post. 🙂

The slow cooker has a great advantage–the house smells sooooo yummy most of the day and by the time dinner rolls around, you can’t wait to dig in.  Also, when the hubs walks through the door, he thinks I’ve cooked up a storm and slaving all day! This morning, I had no idea what was on the dinner docket, so I hit the freezer.  I grabbed some spicy chicken sausage that I had freezing (I buy at Trader Joe’s and freeze three or four packages at a time) and let it start to thaw thinking I will figure out what to do with this later.  By 3 in the afternoon, I had come up with a quick plan.  The slow cooker!  Here is a quick recipe that was yummy and fast.  Enjoy!


Slow Cooker Sausage

3 chicken sausage links–cut off casing and cut into bite size pieces

half an onion–diced

sweet peppers (or bell peppers…whatever you have or prefer)–seeded and diced

1 can of fire roasted tomatoes 14.5 oz

1  can of tomato sauce -8 oz.

minced garlic–1 tsp or to your liking

brown rice or whole wheat pasta


In slow cooker add sausage, onion, peppers, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and garlic.  Cook on high for 4-5 hours.  Serve over brown rice or whole wheat pasta.  Enjoy!






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