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No Telephone, TV, or Tablet Tuesday

April 16, 2013

When L was sick last week, she got to watch A LOT of tv.  She uses my phone, the tablet, AND the television to get her fix of Max and Ruby, Daniel Tiger, and Imagination Movers.  It has been hard breaking her of the habit now that she is feeling better.  First thing in the morning, “I want to watch TV“.  Well, I’ve had enough!

This morning, I decided it would be no tele, tv, or tablet Tuesday.  I greeted her with our good morning song and as soon as I was done, she stated, “I want Max and Ruby”.  I replied with, “Not today.  It’s Tuesday and that means no tv”.  Surprisingly, she went with it!  We enjoyed a peaceful morning and instead of glueing our faces to the tube during breakfast, we sang songs and talked about our plans for the day.

After her three hours of preschool, she once again asked to watch her shows.  I kept with the NO TV TUESDAY theme and she continued to agree!  Surprise!  It has turned into a fun game for me too because I am having to think outside of my box and come up with other ways to keep her engaged and playing.  Our plan for the afternoon:  go running, blow bubbles, and do some artwork.

I will also add that she has been far less whiney today!  Score!  Maybe everyday will turn into NO TV DAY!!



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