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Eat My Dust Suckers!

July 4, 2013

I try really hard to squeeze in exercise while home with the kids.  I’m really not sure how working parents fit it in.  There are days that I occasionally work and I find it extremely difficult to get my workout on.  Since I stay home with the girls the majority of the time, I try to make the time after nap and before dinner my workout time.  Most days we run and others it’s just doing push-ups with my 2 year old pretending I’m her pony.

One day the 2 year old woke up cranky and in ill spirits.  There was no way I could be locked up with her until dinner.  I had a plan: I bargained a trip to the aquarium in exchange to squeeze a short run in first.  We loaded the car with the double stroller and off we went.  After parking at the aquarium, I dumped the gals in their seats of the jogger and headed to the surrounding streets to get my run on.

When driving up to the aquarium, which is located in a corporate business area that overlooks the ocean, I noticed these two men running and moving at a pretty good pace.  As I made my way over to the ocean overlook with stroller in tow, I saw these two fellas again.  They were probably in their 40’s and sticking with a solid pace.  I made it my goal to pass these two suckers.  I’m a mom pushing my two kids in the stroller and I felt the need to make them think I was a rock-star runner.

I pushed my pace into high-gear and painted a smile on my face.  It was only a couple minutes before I caught up with them.  I went into even higher gear and sprinted past them saying, “thanks fellas, you gave me something to chase down.”  The reply was a little less than expected as they said, “yeah, don’t worry about returning the favor.”  And here’s the kicker: now that I am past them, I can’t slow down!  Then they will know I’m really slow!  CRAP!  Sucking wind, I continued on my killer pace and tried hard to make it look easy.  Luckily my turn around wasn’t too far but that meant I had to face them as I passed them.  Once again, I couldn’t slow down and I had to look like it was just another training day.  I sucked it up and made it past while simultaneously fighting the urge to vomit.

As I staggered into the parking lot preparing to walk around the aquarium, all I could think about was who the real sucker is!  Train hard and have fun out there ladies and gents! And remember to push out side of your limits but don’t be a sucker!

Now just for fun, here’s a poll for you:

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