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I’m back!

April 27, 2016

Ok, I know taking a couple years off is not the best way to utilize a blog if you want any kind of following.  But life happens y’all!  I will try to fill you in quickly as I’m sure you don’t need to know all the details.

My husband retired from the United States Marine Corps 2+ years ago after serving for 20 years.  He decided to take a “break” and take his time figuring out his next career.  I accidentally fell into a job that was initially a temporary gig filling in for a friend on vacation.  However, the good Lord must have know what was in the future.  The temp gig turned into full time work for me which was a true blessing for our family.   The other true blessing (hind-site is 20/20) was having my husband become the primary caregiver of our daughters.  He used this time to bond with them, something he had limited time to do when in the Corps.  He did all the nitty gritty work including make lunches, get them ready for preschool, pick them up and take them to ballet, gymnastics, and attended all their in school activities. He became the Dad that always had the girls with him even when he was running (using that double stroller is good training), going to the grocery store, or walking around the neighborhood.  Dad and the girls both needed this time together and it has made for an awesome relationship.

While Dad was being the stay-at-home parent, working became my duty.  The first year was so hard.  I worked multiple jobs and was frequently gone before the girls woke up and home after bed.  It actually took me almost 2 years to figure out the balance of work and home life.  This is very difficult and something that I believe all working parents struggle with.  Not only was finding time for my family hard, it was even more difficult finding time for myself.  My running had gone by the wayside due to lack of time as well as a leg injury.  I truly struggled with the entire situation emotionally and physically.  I craved exercise and would often get up at 3:30AM to go to the gym.  This only lasted for a few months at the time as I found I was burning the candle on both ends.  I could not sustain the schedule.  As the second year began, I realized I had to make more changes in order to survive the situation.  Our marriage was suffering and I felt like I was sinking.  I was very lucky to be working as a contractor and this allowed me to make my own work schedule.  I decided I had to cut work hours and make more family time and “me time” if  I didn’t want to be completely depressed and find some sort of balance.  I worked no more than around 30-32 hours a week.  I was able to get back to normal exercise which brought me sanity as well as physical benefits.  I was able to be home in the mornings to get the girls ready for school and even drop them off most days.  I began making them the absolute priority taking off when they had school functions and activities.  Financially this was tougher, but that was the sacrifice and well worth it.

Over the course of the first year, I quickly packed on the pounds by having no exercise routine and poor eating habits.  After making the changes at the beginning of my second year, I was able to drop the weight as well as find happiness in my situation and life.  I will write more about this in another post.

Now we have made even more changes in our family.  My husband accepted a job in Europe for the next couple years.  We moved in February and I am now a stay-at-home mom again.  And the new challenges begin!  We are still living in a hotel and in a new country with a new language.  I hope to re-start this blog and share ideas again.  With the last few years of new experiences, I have so much to share!  Stay tuned for more adventures from our little family and how we are implementing health and exercise in our daily routine.

Thanks for stopping by after a long hiatus!

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