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I am addicted to M&M’s.  There.  I said it.  I am completely and totally addicted to M&M’s.  These little candies were purchased as potty training treats for our 2 year old. For some reason, I thought we needed the 5 pound bag to get the job done.  Unfortunately, they have become my arch enemy.  Every time I walk past the bag, I think one or two won’t hurt.  But when you do that all day, that turns into A LOT of excess sugar and unwanted calories.

I’ll admit, dieting is not my thing.  It is sooooooo hard!  How do people stay “good” all the time?  I know it is a lifestyle and it is something I struggle with EVER.SINGLE.DAY.  I love healthy food; fruit, veggies, chicken, fish, etc.  But I also love the sugar, bread, and large quantities of cheese.  Oh yeah, and wine.

I feel lucky that I enjoy exercising.  I haven’t always enjoyed it, I had to work at it.  I had to find something that I LOVED to do it on a regular basis.  I grew up an active kid, but not really an”exerciser”.  It wasn’t until I was 25 when I got mad at work one day, went home, put on some running shoes, and took off for an 8 mile run.  I couldn’t believe how good I felt when I was done.  I was all of a sudden an addict.  A running addict.  It was the first time in my life that I found some form of exercise that was exciting to me.  Over the next year, I ran two marathons and a handful of smaller races.  I eventually got into cycling and triathlon.  Now this was completely addicting!  I completed numerous sprint and olympic distance tri’s, a couple half-IronMan‘s, and finally met the challenge of the full distance IronMan in 2009.

Although I was enjoying this new phase of my life, I still have an abysmal love for sugar.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t struggle on some level and fight the good fight.  There are times that are easier than others and times that are much harder.  I’m also an emotional eater.  That never helps when you are a stay-at-home mom!

The point I’m trying to make is, I’m just your average gal that is always working hard to stay on the healthy wagon.  I have recently come to a stand still in my weight loss and need to re-asses my motivation.  I can run every day and workout with the kids, but until I learn better self-control, the weight will never come off.  I am only 5’1″, so EVERY pound is significant.  This weekend, I will dig deep and try to re-motivate.  I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.



No Telephone, TV, or Tablet Tuesday

When L was sick last week, she got to watch A LOT of tv.  She uses my phone, the tablet, AND the television to get her fix of Max and Ruby, Daniel Tiger, and Imagination Movers.  It has been hard breaking her of the habit now that she is feeling better.  First thing in the morning, “I want to watch TV“.  Well, I’ve had enough!

This morning, I decided it would be no tele, tv, or tablet Tuesday.  I greeted her with our good morning song and as soon as I was done, she stated, “I want Max and Ruby”.  I replied with, “Not today.  It’s Tuesday and that means no tv”.  Surprisingly, she went with it!  We enjoyed a peaceful morning and instead of glueing our faces to the tube during breakfast, we sang songs and talked about our plans for the day.

After her three hours of preschool, she once again asked to watch her shows.  I kept with the NO TV TUESDAY theme and she continued to agree!  Surprise!  It has turned into a fun game for me too because I am having to think outside of my box and come up with other ways to keep her engaged and playing.  Our plan for the afternoon:  go running, blow bubbles, and do some artwork.

I will also add that she has been far less whiney today!  Score!  Maybe everyday will turn into NO TV DAY!!



Slow cooker sausage

I have decided that you can cook anything and everything in the slow cooker.  This year, with the added kiddo to the family, I am always trying to find a way to make dinner and make it easy.  I love making freezer meals and using the slow cooker.  These are my two secret weapons for getting dinner done on the fly.  Freezer meals are easy, when I make one recipe, I double it and cook one for dinner and another for the freezer.  Easy.  But that’s another post. 🙂

The slow cooker has a great advantage–the house smells sooooo yummy most of the day and by the time dinner rolls around, you can’t wait to dig in.  Also, when the hubs walks through the door, he thinks I’ve cooked up a storm and slaving all day! This morning, I had no idea what was on the dinner docket, so I hit the freezer.  I grabbed some spicy chicken sausage that I had freezing (I buy at Trader Joe’s and freeze three or four packages at a time) and let it start to thaw thinking I will figure out what to do with this later.  By 3 in the afternoon, I had come up with a quick plan.  The slow cooker!  Here is a quick recipe that was yummy and fast.  Enjoy!


Slow Cooker Sausage

3 chicken sausage links–cut off casing and cut into bite size pieces

half an onion–diced

sweet peppers (or bell peppers…whatever you have or prefer)–seeded and diced

1 can of fire roasted tomatoes 14.5 oz

1  can of tomato sauce -8 oz.

minced garlic–1 tsp or to your liking

brown rice or whole wheat pasta


In slow cooker add sausage, onion, peppers, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and garlic.  Cook on high for 4-5 hours.  Serve over brown rice or whole wheat pasta.  Enjoy!






Eye of the tiger


I have been gone from home for 6 days now. When I asked my hubby how it is going, he responded, “it’s hell”.

The day after I left, our two year old got the stomach bug and threw up for two straight days. In between up-chucking, she whined and/or cried constantly. Although this breaks my heart, it’s good for daddy to experience true parenting, good and bad. He even slept on the floor next to her on the couch all night because he was “too scared to move her in case she woke up and started whining again”.

I also put the baby in cloth diapers the day before I left. To my surprise, Daddy has kept it up. Baby is super sensitive to EVERYTHING and the cloth diaper is keeping her from have g a rash. Any suggestions on good brands of cloth to try?

So, Daddy is working hard at home and Mommy is off “working” on the East Coast. I was able to still get a small workout in while gone… The Rocky Steps were just too enticing to not run and feel like a true champ!

Hope you had a good weekend and remember to try to squeeze that little bit of exercise time in this week! I’ll let you know if everyone is still alive when I get home.

Bikes, hops, and cheering!


This past week was full of excitement and activity.  Although we were a little under the weather, we still found creative ways to try to get some energy out.  L was fascinated with the game hop-scotch so we decided to make a homemade board.  With a little masking tape and the baby rattle, we were ready to play!  Every time we walk down the hallway, it’s hop, hop, hop.

Taking L out for a bike ride was an easy way for her to get out all her crazy energy.  Dad took her out while Mom managed to get dinner done.  Win win for everyone!

Saturday was a big event day!  Hubby likes to participate in triathlon and he completed the California 70.3 race this weekend.  We made signs as part of our art projects this week and practiced our cheering skills.  What a fun day for us to be outside and hoot for all the athletes.  The girls had a blast and daddy survived another race!

Now time for a new week and new adventures!  I will be out of town and Dad will be taking off to take care of the girls for 7 days!  I can’t wait to see what kind of messes they get into.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted. 🙂


Running for some sanity

This has been a rough week!  We seem to all have “the crud” and have not been feeling well.  No one wants to sleep, except me and I’m exhausted!  Hopefully good health is around the corner and we will be feeling better soon.  

Saturday’s “long run” was a lot shorter than I thought it would be.  (see I must have been coming down with the illness and that is why I had such a poor run. Yes, I’ll blame it on that.  I haven’t run since then and am itching to get outside.  I have been doing jumping jacks and running in place though.  Not as exciting but something.  

Today both girls seem to be better but once again, not sleeping!  Nap time has turned out to be way to short!  I think it’s time for some therapy…I’m loading up the stroller and we are headed for the road.  Wish us well and wish me some sanity. 


Off the wagon and into a hole.

I completely fell of the “healthy” wagon since my last blog in December.  I struggled through the holiday season and into January.  I had a very hard time getting motivated to do much of anything.  I was struggling not only with activity, but with a lot of anger.  I was exhausted!  Being the mom of an infant, I was convinced I would never ever ever ever sleep again.  I was only getting about 1-2 hours at a time with a cumulative of maybe 3 or 4 hours at night.  My little one was having a few health issues and it was hard for her to sleep for long periods of time.  She was also eating small quantities but frequently (due to GERD).  My nights and days were turning into chaos and I was beginning to drown.  I finally mumbled the words “postpartum depression” and gave my OB a call.  After discussing with her what was happening, she helped me realize that this is normal and it was ok to ask for help.  My husband got on board and was helping out much more and trying to offer me more opportunities to sleep.  Finally, once the baby turned about 5 months old, I started seeing a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.  Ladies and gents, PPD is a very real thing and should be discussed and handled.  Once I could see a twinkle of a light, I ran as fast as I could to it and held on for dear life.  I was coming out of the hole!  The baby was healthier, I was sleeping more, and I finally had the motivation to start exercising and dieting again.  After all, I still had that pesky thyroid weight to get off (see first post).  


In February, I quit paying for the weight loss program I had been using and signed up for a free calorie counter app that allows your friends to join and be a part of your weight loss program (accountability is a big deal for me).  It is now mid-March and I am down 8.5 pounds and back to running!!  I did drop 20 pounds off the stroller when the baby got big enough to ride along without having her car seat attached to the jogger.  Boy, that made a huge difference!!!  We started running 4-5 times a week and started staying home more often in the afternoons.  I made my exercise a priority again, knowing that it was good for me mentally and physically.  


Tomorrow morning I will be running “a long run” and am excited that I am getting back on the wagon and running towards the light.  Happy running and happy weekend!

running pushing a wheelchair

What’s the plan to loose this weight?  That’s the question I ask everyday!  I am so motivated…until I see that bottle of wine I want to open or the chocolate candy I want to eat.  It’s so hard to stay motivated 24/7 but once I fall, I fall off the wagon, roll underneath it, and pray that it ran over some fried cheese sticks that I can peel off the ground and eat.  Yep, it’s hard to stay motivated ALL THE TIME!  So, I joined this weight loss plan to try to make myself accountable and to really pay attention to what I was consuming.  I did it once before (after baby 1) and had lost 15# of baby weight.  I have faith in this plan IF I FOLLOW IT 100%.  This is the hard part.  The plan uses a point system to account for the calories consumed and for the exercise performed.  I get 26 points a day but if I do some exercise, I get a few extra points and can maybe afford to drink that glass of wine.  It’s a good thing I like exercise!  I would hate to see what kind of crazy lady I would be if I had to give up vino again (9 months of pregnancy x 2 was long enough people!).  Could you imagine the kind of day a stay at mom has—constantly cleaning poopy behinds, wiping spit up off my shirt and floor, listening to “hold me mommy” about 1500 x a day, and stepping on toys and trying not to break a foot.  I need a little glass of wine at the end of my day to reward myself!  However, until I reach my goal weight, I will not allow myself to have a little glass of pleasure unless I go out for a run that day.  Good thing I like running…or jogging.  Let’s be honest, I’m pushing two kids in a stroller (one still uses the car seat attached to the stroller) that equals 82 pounds.  Occasionally the speed walker may pass us while I’m “jogging”.  But hey, I’m busting my glutes trying to just keep myself from vomiting at the top of the hills.  Today, I decided I would conquer this HUGE hill next to our house.  I may have been a little crazy and desiring some extra self-enduced misery to account for all the free samples I ate at Costco earlier in the day.  But, we did it!  With kid #1 cheering me up this hill singing mary had a little lamb, I felt like I could totally make it, at least half way.  We finally got to the top and when she gave me a high five as I bent over pretending I was checking on her (I was actually just looking for an excuse to bend over and catch my breath without looking like I was going to dry heave), I felt pretty awesome.  82# carriage and I had made it!  When I got home, I decided to calculate my exercise points earned and looked up our activity in the on-line data base.  Running, running up stairs, running while pushing a wheelchair…..yep, these are the choices I’m given to pick my activity from.  WHO RUNS WHILE PUSHING A WHEELCHAIR???  What the heck?  The CNA at the assisted living home?  The physical therapist at the rehab unit having a contest with his fellow employee?  WHO does this???  Running while pushing a stroller was not an option. Maybe next time I’ll trade the kids in for Granny.  

I almost punched him in the face

Last week I sat in my endocrinologist office and listened to the words, “this is your new normal”.  I am not OK with his words.  I went for a visit with “Dr. Mac” to assess the functioning of my thyroid and if it is impacting my weight loss and the source of various other symptoms I  currently have.

In November of 2009, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  This is an autoimmune disease that results in hypothyroidism.  I had recently gotten married and had turned into the biggest witch this side of the Mississippi!  My poor husband.  He didn’t know this was part of the package when we said “I do” just months earlier.  But, neither did I.  I had become an emotional wreck, was constantly exhausted, and gained 15 pounds despite training for my 4th marathon.  The previous year I had gained 10 pounds while training for IronMan.  However, after getting the diagnoses and starting medication, I started feeling normal again.  The problem:  how to get off those extra pounds.

I got pregnant soon after being diagnosed and therefore the idea of an immediate diet was out of the question.  I had our first baby in Oct 2010.  Four months post giving birth, I started suffering from what I thought was postpartum depression, aka, “I feel crazy and can’t stop crying!”.  After my doctor did some blood work and ran some other diagnostic testing, he confirmed I also have antibodies for Grave’s disease, another autoimmune thyroid disease.  This one causes the thyroid to swing into hyper mode, the complete opposite of Hashimoto.  SERIOUSLY???  I guess in the big scheme of things I am lucky that this is the type of autoimmune disease that I have.  It is manageable with medication and it won’t kill me.  It does however make loosing weight extremely hard.  I had baby number two 3 months ago and lost my “baby weight” within 3 weeks.  But here we are three months later and I still can’t budge another pound!  Many people gain the “freshman 15” when they go off to college.  I gained the “thyroid 15”.  I just can’t seem to make it go away.  This is what landed me in Dr. Mac’s office last week.  I was sure that my thyroid was out of whack and just needed some meds and then I could melt the pounds away.  Instead I hear the words “this is your new normal.  Your thyroid is fine for now.  Be consistent with your exercise and diet and hopefully you will find yourself loosing a few pounds.”  I almost punched him in the face.   This is not my new normal and I will not settle for this.  My thyroid will not win.  This is my journey about getting this pesky thyroid weight off and how I will win.


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